Turning Archive 2006

Re: PAID AD: Steel City Rebate Offer YES!!!!

Bart Castleberry
>YES! Finally another paint color scheme available on the same chiwanese machines!!! Yahooo! Now if I want a 15” planer, to go along with delta grey, jet white, Powermatic yellow, grizzly green, (and a few others), I have the new choice of a manly Toolcity grey! Forget my day job, I’ll get a can of spray paint and start selling machines!

Sure I hope their promises of customer service, and warranties are true, but do we really need another version of the same tools?

Can’t wait for a WW magazine review “well we chose xxxx machine for first place because we really felt the color and switch placement made it stand out from the crowd”

Hope one day they do come out with something truly new and improved and not cosmetically re-badged.

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