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Jim Shaver Oakville, Ont.
>Hi Carole,

I am pleased they had a parade in your town today.

Most Canadians will tell you that today is a very important day here, wearing poppies, attending Remebrace Day cerimonies, listening to stories and learning more about our history.

My daughters school had a two hour general assembly yesterday to reflect on what it means, they had each grade make a memorial wreath and place it in the main gymnasium during the ceremony. They had a WW II vet speak to the school (about 700 children). They always have a very good assembly on Remembrance day at her school each year.

She watched the cerimonies today with me, she is still just 9 but she is starting to understand, she's now asking questions about my father and my grandfathers...some times the realities are hard to explain...but the act of Remembrance is very important, she's starting to understand that.

take care,

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