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Your family is in my thoughts. You had to make a decision I did not have to in loosing my daughter, but you are faced with the same thought - this was best for the person you loved. The selfish part of love wants to hang on, but the other part wants what is best for that child. Our daughter would have faced the same life as your son, which would have been no joy or pleasure of the world around. There are times when somethings make the loss a little more bearable, and that realization is one of them.

Nothing can ever take away the thoughts of what could have been, nor take away the tears. But, that is a sign of love which not even the passage of time can take away. And while the path you are on now may seem lonely, you will always have someone with you in everything you do. And your son will have touched everyone that reads your note, they will give their kid and extra hug or tell them they they love them to make sure they know. And some will take the time to call their parents and tell them they love them, just to make sure they know. With having never met him, he has touched so many lives and memories and in that will live on.

Take care in the days ahead and remember the good times and may you and your family find peace.


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