Turning Archive 2006

How to finish? *PIC*

Dave Belser
>I'm attempting to fulfill a request to turn a bowl from a pine burl. I know that this is a less than desirable wood to attempt to turn, but this is also my first attempt at turning an burl bowl of this type. I told the person that the wood might not be worth the effort but that I'd give it a try.

And so it goes..... I spent quite a bit of time picking the bark off of the outside, found mounting and balancing it enough to turn to be a little challenging - but I'm actually reasonably pleased with the results so far.

I knew that sanding and finishing would be difficult. This wood is so full of pitch and resin that dry sanding is out of the question. I've been using danish oil to wet sand that's working out good. I'm not thrilled by the way the oil dulls the contrast and yellows the wood - but I suppose that this will happen in the long run anyway.

The question is (two actually) is there anything else I could wet sand with that would be better? AND how/what do I use for a final finish?

I'm afraid that the pitch and/or oil will always leave a finish that feels tacky. Is there anyway to "seal" wood this pitchy and end up with a satin feel?

Knowledge and experiences much appreciated.

- Dave

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