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Imperial and Lotus Pens

Jim Shaver Oakville, Ont.

Well I'm in full pen season, I have about 80 in work right now for some coming craft shows. So I'll try to keep these posts to a minimum, but pens are defiantly an addiction!!

These are the most expensive pen kits for me, both from the elite selection of kits sold by Craft Supply USA.

This is a Lotus design, 22k Gold fountain pen. It's a little heavy on the hardware factor.
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The pen is finished with a Tru-Stone Red Japser.
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This is called a 22K gold Imperial roller ball pen.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I finished it with a Blue Lapis Tru-Stone pen blank, it has traces of gold viening it that looks great.
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This material was very hard on my turning tools, I was constantly re honing and re sharpening. I need to turn some wood pen blanks, I miss that clean crisp sound.

Both pens are high on the "Bling Bling" factor, here's hoping that they both bring some "Ching Ching"!


Take care,

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