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Demo "Schedule" for INdy Octoberfest

>This is a "tentative" demo schedule for the weekend. I say tentative because no plan I ever make every turns out as planed :)

My thought is that we'll try to stick to this, but if we stray....it's not the end of the world. There will be plenty of lathes and work benches and tools and things going on and overlapping that there will be entertainment everywhere.

Demo Schedule


3:30 Sorby Rep will be demonstrating a variety of turning tools.

4:00 Jim Shaver-Handcut doevetails.


7:00 Dick Gerard-Intro to Woodturning


10:00 am- Duane Leach – Turned Lidded Box with decorative basket weave design, inspired by Hans Weissflog.

10:30- Moses Yoder- Tuning Your Hand planes.

11:30- Jennifer Shirley- Turning miniature hollow forms.

12:30- LUNCH

1:30 – Hand Plane Contest

2:30- Mike Foydel- Triangular Lidded Box

3:30- Jim Shaver- Closed end writing pens

4:00- Ray Thompson/Al Crandall- Discussion and demo on metal working for Woodworkers

5:30- DINNER

After Dinner- Collaborative turning project. We’ll try to have 3 lathes set up with turning blanks that can be turned by anyone who wants to participate. Each person will be limited to 5 minutes, so that each piece has the touch of each person. This is NOT a speed contest but rather a fun experiment to see what the results of multiple turners’ input on the same piece comes out to be. When the pieces are completed turning and sanding…they can come off the lathe as is…or there will be a table with burners, dyes, carving tools etc, to further add to them. My hope is that we can then post them on WC for all to see and bid on for the benefit of WoodCentral.

Looking forward to the weekend!


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