Turning Archive 2006

I'm a begining turner

Gary B in Central NY
>Does anyone know of any good turning books? I just got an old delta lathe and some tools, sharpenend them up, and it seems like I can't get a smooth cut. I noticed my tools were "sticking" on the beat up tool rest, so I drawfiled it, and buffed it smooth. It's alot better, but I still need some help. I thought you could smooth and straighten a cylinder with a skew, but it seems to keep snagging. it's really sharp (I'm a professional cabinetmaker, and it's sharp enough to chop DT's with) how does the process work? do you lead the cut with the heel or toe of the skew? do you angle the skew so only the leading edge is cutting? or do you use the whole bevel to rub against? Thanks for the help! I usually only post on hand tools, but I figured it's time to broaden my horizons ;-)

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