Turning Archive 2006

Re: A rising level ...... of indifference?

Stephen Mushinski
The person that said that to you should be tared and feathered. You have been a wonderful contributor to this and other turning forums. Passing along information that you have gathered is exactly what this is all about.

When I get to the experience level of Wally, then I too might have been able have try almost every aspect woodturing has to offer. Till then I use others eye and ears to learn as much as I can. I will also offer up help when I can with things I do and also things I have seen others do.

As for the topic of this post. Sometimes it is also how much you post replies to other peoples work. Getting to know others on the forum helps to have lots of replies. Being a well know (turner or not) gets a person the most replies! :)

Carole you are starting to hit on the last point I make! Well know for your turning and for being a very nice person. :)))

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