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Barry Irby
>"running down the street naked"? Great analogy. Sometimes its the title. If you post with a title like Firewood or OT My nose problem, you might not get many views. OTOH "running down the street naked" might get a lot of views but few replies.

I was stunned with someone posted how many unique visitors there are to this site each month. Tens of thousands I think. I come here almost everyday and I watch for certain names in addition to interesting post. Out of all those people, I probably recognize fifty or sixty as regulars.

Sometimes I come late to a post and make a comment. I am a little put off when mine is the last post. I wonder if I offended everyone or if perhaps I just nailed the answer 8).

Sometimes I have nothing to offer. On other occasions I don't let that stop me.

I did see one post where someone jumped in and said something like I can't help you, but I did not want you to feel left out. I actually laughed.

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