Turning Archive 2006

Re: A rising level ...... of indifference?

Norm Smith in Nova Scotia
>Rick, This is an interesting subject. I used to post pictures of some of my work on the WOW site and ask for them to be critiqued. I was disappointed in the number of responses that I got so I stopped posting pictures. However I am active on the site in regard to asking questions and responding to other post of pictures and or questions that I feel that I can answer. I am also active on this site regard same. There are lots of posts that I dont respond to simply because there are others that can give a better response. Some guys are on many sites posting lots of pictures and respond to many posts with their advice. They are very accomplished and expierenced turners and normally give excellent advice.

I dont know if my rambling has helped but sit back and relax. Turning and learning is what these sites are all about.

Good luck,

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