Turning Archive 2006

A rising level ...... of indifference?

Rick Davenport
>I've been posting on this forum for about 6 months now, but I still consider myself an outsider newbie.
From this vantage point I have made an observation.
For example:
John Vitosky posted some pics of his very first tries at woodturning.
There were 520 views and one comment (from me, and I hardly consider my opinion to be very valuable).
Jim King posted pics of some outstanding work. 310 views and no comments so far.
To say they didn't ask for comments is a cop out.
They wouldn't post if they didn't want recognition, encouragement or constructive criticism.
I've heard that the WOW website is a bit snobbish, but I have never been there.
Is WoodCentral now leaning in that direction too?
I hope not.
This site has provided me with lots of information and inspiration.
I hope it continues to do so for anyone and everyone who participates.

I'll get off my whiney soapbox now.


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