Turning Archive 2006

And so it begins.........

Pete LaBelle

The new JET 1642 is operational in the basement (upgraded a few weeks ago from a 1236), and have been doning some limited turning on it these past few weeks. Slowly getting new tool rests, vacuum chucks, weight boxes built, but stumbled into another needed purchase.

While on site with my friend the part-time tree-slayer cutting some larger chunks of the trunk of a maple tree for me, it dawned on me that my chainsaw only has a 16" bar. This was fine when turning no larger than 12" diameter pieces, but now will be stretching the extents of my saw making larger blanks for the new 16" lathe. Luckily, when the saw was purchased, I asked for the shorter bar of the two offered, so there should be adequate HP to turn a longer one.

CURSE this hobby and the constant drain on the wallet !!! (just kidding, of course).


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