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Re: OT - Getting a REALLY sharp edge

Craig Daymon
>At a cost of about $10/carat and they are PERFECT! No flaws! (Debeer's is very upset.) They grow them just like silicon wafers for the semiconductor industry, which is how some of the companies doing it are intending their diamonds to be used. (They can withstand the heat better than silicon.)

It's an odd thing, but what made diamonds so desireable for jewelry was their ability to bend light and the closer to perfect, the better. Now that man can make diamonds for cheap, the diamond merchants are trying to convince you that a perfect stone is not as good as one dug from the dirt even though it has all the qualities of the best that can be found in nature. As I understand it, diamonds are one of the most common minerals on the planet and it is only the consortiums hoarding them that drives the prices up.

I have an interesting article on the subject in PDF format somewhere. If I could link it, I would. It was originally a web news article.


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