Turning Archive 2006

Re: Symposium photo album(s)

James Purciful
>Just to explain my photo-taking overkill a bit, my wife and I had planned on attending the Symposium together (she turns occasionally), but then we found out we were expecting a baby. Our little one came in May and both Ann and baby are doing fabulously. Our other three kids are thrilled to no end with the new addition.

The excessive number of pictures was for me to be able to re-live things with my wife once I got home. Bonnie Klein posed for the picture with her piece just so I could take the photo home to Ann.

There are just shy of 400 pictures. I was getting nervous at the end because the camera was counting down how many more photos could fit on the memory card. There were so very many experiences to capture for Ann, for the website, for my friends/coworkers, and for my faulty memory.

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