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robo hippy
>To remove the center cone that you can get, the cutter also has to be at exact center height. If you are cutting above center, the cone will get larger. This is similar to getting down to the bottom of a bowl, and that last little bit at the center that always wants to tear out. If you are doing it free hand, and not in a captured system, Dave Elsworth showed how to it do on one of his videos by using very slight sweeping cuts across, and up and down. This helps you 'find' the cone by feel and touch, and cut it out. Practice on something that you can see first to get the feel of it. To get a measure of dead center, I move the cutter up to where I will be cutting (while outside the form), and use a tape measure to get exact height. I found on my PM that this height is 10 3/16 inch.
robo hippy

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