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What kind of bits do you have?
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deep hollowing problem ()

Phil Joines Krum, Texas
>Most bits can be fitted with an extension. I wouldn't use a spade they vibrate.

The 1” Silver $ Deming bits with a 1/2” shank work well. An extension can be made using some 1/2” drill rod and a motor shaft coupler. The 1/2" entension tends to run straiter.

This is what I use but I make them 18" long. You need a 1/2" capacity drill chuck to use it.
Enco part #’s
17/32 to 1” 5 bit set, $11.35 301-0205 (cheaper than just the 1” at most places)
1/2” ID 1”OD shaft coupler, $6.45 891-6317 (you can turn the outside down on the lathe or grinder for more clearance if you want)
1/2” x 3’ drill rod, O1, $6.18 408-0029 (use the extra to make some tools)

Or you can get a 1"x 12" Aircraft drill for about $100

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