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W.C. Turner
>I bought the new, heavy duty light system with 2 moffatts, from Gary, last November. It includes 4 electrical plugins, and heavier tubing, and my model is made specifically to use on my PM 3520A. He has other models for different brands of lathes. Good system, keeps your light handy, easily moved out of the way. I use the 60 watt halogens.

I also installed one of the 300 watt halogen workshop lights over my lathe. It uses two 150 watt bulbs, that, to my surprise, came included with the light. Rockler, & places like that have them for about $35, plus about $8 shipping. Although, I purchased mine from a Rural King store, on sale for $20, reg. price about $23.

I also have six, 8' flourescents, mounted on the ceiling for general shop lighting.

You'll like doing business with Gary Sanders. I've never dealt with anyone like him before, on or off the internet. Gary didn't know me from Adam, yet, he took my order & shipped it to me, & didn't ask for a penny. He included an invoice inside the box, and said to send him a check when I received my lighting system. Now, how is that for a trusting soul, in this day, and time ?!

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