Turning Archive 2006

Chainsaw woes?

Keith Tompkins
>Does your chainsaw stumble, stall, and hesitate, and bog when you pull the trigger? Even with fresh fuel, new plug and clean air filter? Try this: Pull the carburetor off, and remove the fuel inlet side....easier than it sounds. Using carb cleaner or a similar solvent, blow out the fine-mesh screen in the body of the carb. reassemble and start. You will be amazed at the difference!

Don't know how to set the carburetor? Try this....start as usual, and let if fully warm up.(check your manual for carb screw ID) If it won't idle, or idles very low, turn the idle screw IN (clockwise) until it will idle on its own. the low speed mixture jet can now be adjusted....working in small steps, turn the low speed mixture screw in. If it stalls or begins to idle even lower, begin to turn it out (counterclockwise) slowly. the idle speed should begin to pick up. You may now have to turn the idle speed screw back out to reduce idle speed....the goal is to reach a balance..turn the screw in til the saw slows, then out until it runs rough, then set in between the two. Now you can set the high speed mixture...Do this at high rpm, and check performance while cutting a piece of wood. if it's turned in too far, the saw will lack power and will run too hot (lean). too far out, and it will smoke, and lack power as well. Again, find a balance between the two.

When finished, the saw should idle smoothly, and the chain should not move. Pulling the trigger should give instant response, and the saw should have good power, rev cleanly, and should not visably smoke.

If you totally screw it up, turn both high and low speed mixture screws in lightly until they stop. Do not force! then, back each out 1 1/2 turns each. That will put you in the ballpark.

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