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How can I pick a favorite
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Don in Northern Arizona

I can't believe how great that gathering must have been. The pictures alone tell the story. I hate to pick a favorite photographer because everybody has done an amazing job of chronicling the event, but your pictures seem to tell me a little bit more. Your shots of the country you passed through on the way to Terry's home were great. Your shots of your smiling cyberfriends were very compelling.

I will retire in October. I plan to take some turning courses from Ernie Conover in November. I know I will fall for turning in a big way, but I hope it doesn't totally eclipse my flat work (I have too many promises to keep in the flat universe). I will certainly try to make next year's gathering regardless of where it is because of the evidence of the cameraderie and craftsmanship evidenced by the great photos that have been posted, but I hope Terry recovers from what must have been a herculean task and considers doing it again because I have a cousin in Calhoun, GA that I haven't seen in about 20 years.

Thanks to all,


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