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Great Posts, Jen!
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Joanne Adler in Pt. Pleasant, PA
>Wow! Thanks not only for the great pix, but your inciteful and descriptive words. I know it took a lot of time. But then, I expect that even though you may be at work, you've still got "Georgia on your mind". I am still a 'flat-worker', but I love to come lurk over here to see the beautiful creations you turners come up with. While I don't take the ideas to a lathe to try, I do get inspired to try things in the flat world. I am constantly impressed by the quality of the work here and the thoughtful discussions that abound. I know you all had a great exchange of minds in Georgia and I am thrilled it worked out so well and everybody had a good time. And I know the rest of us will benefit and be inspired by all the new creations you all post as a result of this visit. You should think about coming East for 5 Barns this summer, if you can get away again.

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