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Thanks Keith
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Rick Davenport
>I appreciate your constructive criticism.
Yes, there is a faint line in the foot from the chuck.
I thought I had sanded it out, but it reappeared when I finished it with walnut oil.
I am contemplating filling the cracks with a contrasting substance,
turquoise maybe? and when/if I do, I will definitely sand out the mark on the foot.
And yes, it was a questionable piece of wood.
Right now my wood inventory is miniscule but growing so I use what I have - I need the practice.
Plus I'm stubborn and I liked the shape it was taking.
I did take the precaution of masking taping it up when I hollowed the inside so I minimized the personal danger.
All in all, I'm glad I have taken it this far.
It forced me to use a light touch when hollowing and it finished up nicely.
I really like the satin feel to it.

Thanks again Keith.


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