Turning Archive 2006

Re: sharpening a Glaser 5/8 bowl gouge

Wally Dickerman in Arizona
>James, the grind that you use on your gouge doesn't have to be the same as was ground at the factory. I have a couple of Glaser gouges but I've ground them them the way I want them so I don't know what nose angle J. Glaser uses. The instructions that you received with your Wolverine are pretty good. As they suggest, a 1-3/4 in. setting for the amount the tool extends is good. For a 5/8 in. gouge I set the leg at about mid point to get a 60 degree nose angle. Slide the V-arm in or out to get that angle (or whatever angle you choose).

For a side grind, grind the sides first, working your way around to the nose. Be sure that the profile is straight or a little convex. I prefer convex. Never concave.

Once you have the Wolverine settings the way you want them, make some marks with a sharp tool of some sort, so that you always get the exact same grind. Then, every time you put on a new, sharp edge, it's only a touch-up.


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