Turning Archive 2005

Also makes a good cleaner...

Rod Peterson -- Ormond Beach
>> …a little 30W motor oil mixed into a lot of Kerosene. About 1 part of the 30W in 5 of kerosene is about right…

…for stainless steel. That's what we used in the shipping area of a place I used to work many, many years ago that made stainless steel steam cleaning machines for hospitals and labs. We put together a set of instructions, stamped a serial number on an adhesive tag, closed it all up, then cleaned the whole exterior with that mix. It put a nice shine on the SS, not to mention removing all the finger prints from down the line.

Ironically, after being away from South Florida (where I grew up) for >30 years, I wound up living for four years in a condo not a block away from that same plant—although they're in a different business now.


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