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Jim King
>Bloodwood as with most tropical woods can be laying around 10 years and if it is over 2 inches thick it will probably be wet inside. We work with it everyday and the easiest way to dry it quickly is just put it on the stove and boil it a couple of hours after it is rough turned. It will be bone dry in 10 days. The thing I try to get across to people is that tropical woods are not normaly kiln dried unless in boards. The kiln schedule for 4 inch thick dense tropical woods is months in the kiln and no one is really going to do that but most say they do. Tropical woods from my 20 plus years working with them I have found the best solution I have seen is they should be turned rough wet and boiled immediatly. Tropical woods are not to be set on the shelf and admired as collectors items and let to dry unless you want tooth picks. When you get it , turn it immediatly and make believe it is a lobster and throw it in the pot. I just took a photo today of our boiling pot for our new web site we are building. It looks a bit nasty as we boil 6 to 8 bowls a day.

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