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Your pinkie?
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Tooless! ()

Jay in TX
>Come on now Carole, you're pullin' my finger, err... leg.

On topic: I've had the MS361 for a couple months, and that thing will shame a clan of woodchucks into submission. It eats wood like Texans eat donut, and let me tell ya' there's about 1 donut shop per mile on my 14.5 miles to and from work everyday. It goes through pecan like I go through pecan pie (mmmmmm, YUMMIE!). Even when I've buried the bar, that thing goes after it like CUJO (the dog). Mine doesn't have the easy start, but the compression release is very handy! Well I'm running out of metaphors, so I hope I've related to you that I'm a satisfied customer. Now... about pullin' my finger...

All the best,
~Jay in Tx

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