Turning Archive 2005

Re: Life Expectancy of a Oneway Live Center?

Don Evans
>You've really asked a question no one here can answer. How many hours has it turned round and round with what stress loading on it would be the question? Even you don't know that probably.
Trying to keep things in perspective, what do you base your statement on it is giving trouble before you thought it should? It may be true that in woodturners eyes $100.00 for a livecenter seems a lot but it isn't really. Check out the pricing in some of the metal working sites, $100 is a very very cheap live center and I would consider $500 plus the norm there. I had one of those that my Dad purchased sometime in the 50's and it was still going till I screwed it up last year.
Oh also on the $500 one's you only get one point (one shape).
Bill Grumbine (sp) replaced the bearings in his one way so yes it can be done, you gotta unscrew the brass plate on front, one with two little holes in it.

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