Turning Archive 2005

Re: Life Expectancy of a Oneway Live Center?

Bob Persing (Skillman NJ)
>Jennifer, My Oneway live center has a bit of play when unloaded but this is reduced quite a bit when loaded with moderate tailstock pressure. I think it could have been less and suspect that it is indeed the selection of bearings and how they are mounted. I remember reading some comments made by Oneway regarding their justification for the unloaded "side-play" in their design. I believe this stemmed from comments made by users of the JET clone live center that there was considerably less play in the JET when compared to the Oneway.
I too would like it much better if the side play in the Oneway could be reduced. I was wondring if there might be some way to pre-load the bearings by adding shims or something. I guess I'll have to take it apart to find out....maybe some snowy winter evening.

I'm interested if anyone has developed a fix for the play in the Oneway or has at least sucessfuly changed out the bearings. Anyone?


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