Turning Archive 2005

Re: Life Expectancy of a Oneway Live Center?

Fog Tanner
>Jennifer, Mine had play in it in less that one year. It doesn't matter if there is a load on it or not. You can send it back to Oneway and the will put the same bearings in it that went away. I am looking at making a wrench for mine and replacing the bearings myself. The reatining ring requires a special wrench to gain acces to the bearings. After that, it is no big deal to remove and replace the bearings. And good bearing supply house will have a suitable bearing for you application. In the meantime I bought an Axminster live center that does not have any play. I have talked to a number of other people with the same live center as we have and they have the same problem. Some of those were new live centers too. Right now I use the Oneway for roughing and the Axminster for work that matters.

I think it is the bearings that are used, I have had other applications that had a higher lateral load on smaller bearings that never developed lateral play. If you read the Oneway site, they have a note about the play. There are some bearings with different races for different loading. But, I can crank mine down to the point that the center is buried in the wood and still move the piece from side to side. Not really what I would expect from a $100 live center.


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