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It's a personal agenda to change your city's name.

Al Crandall- NE of Indy
>Don't you think Clearview sounds much more upscale than Longview? Come on, help me out here. (This won't make sense later because I can go back and edit that booboo.)
I boiled the roughout for 3 plus hours and alcohol soaked it for eight days. It took about a month for it to dry while wrapped in brown painter's masking paper. The urn has about 4 or 5 coats of Watco natural Danish oil and then buffed with Rockler's version of the Beall system. I didn't use the wax yet because I think I'm going to have to go back and resand the finish. It seemed to "tear" or ripple up when I buffed it in a couple of places. I think it might not have been fully cured. The finish seemed to take forever to dry because the piece soaked it up like a sponge. The inside was wetted to about 50% while I was still brushing the first coat on the outside so I poured a cup into it and sloshed it around. Subsequent coats were very slow to dry. The wood turned like a dream with no tearout and emitted a faint pleasant sweet aroma. It was cracking radially like you wouldn't believe when I started. I lost about 3 inches off each end and about 3 to 4 inches off the diameter before I found reasonably sound wood. There was barely enough to make the threaded foot from, let alone any pen blanks.

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Dave Smith, here is what became of that madrone.
When did Longview change to Clearview?
It's a personal agenda to change your city's name.
Dave - move to Clearview
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