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John Cotten
>No kidding. JF&E made some great tools. Morehead State University in Morehead KY has a who woodworking lab with JF&E Equipment. They have three direct drive lathes in their shop. Berea College in Berea, KY had several also. Great tools, although the parts for them are no longer available. To say overbuilt is an understatement. These tools are tanks.

JF&E was based in Cincinnati, OH. They made heavy industrial woodworking machinery. If your friend bought a direct drive lathe with a through spindle arbor head stock, make sure the magnetic switch is in good working order. This a push button/reostatic switch that goes (if my memory is correct) 100, 600, 1200, 2400, 3600 RPM. The switch I am told is no longer available. Also make sure the spindle bears are in good condition. If they have to be changed it is a real job to change them out. The head stock bolts onto the bed ways, and weighs 200 to 300 pounds by itself. I think they have about a 12" throw. JF&E also made pattern makers lathes. I owned one many years ago I wish I still had. If it is a pattern makers lathe, he has a real prize. Gear and Belt driven, but with speeds from 20 RPM to 4600 RPM. Mine had a removable bed section that would allow you to throw a 5 foot x 2 foot on the inboard side of the lathe. (These were often used by boiler making and large gear making foundries. IT was a great machine had to sell it some years ago when I was in college, couldn't afford to store it.

Post some pics when he gets it.

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Fay & Eagan lathe?
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