Turning Archive 2005

Re: Can't have too many salad bowl posts.

>I actually discussed this particular issue with her. She understands that one bowl will differ from another, but would hope that it wouldn't be real noticeable around the table - that people wouldn't be going "hey, that bowl is a different size/shape, whatever from what I have". I think I can come within reason on that. My idea was to make a cardboard template for the exterior and interior of the bowl, that I could use to check shape/size.

And by the way, I do appreciate all the voices of experience here, especially the cautionary notes - bad experience shared is a great benefit of this website. I haven't committed to anything with her, other than to bone up a bit on the subject, and give a $ range of what I think it would run. Personally, I think she will bail out when it isn't $20. I've got a feel for what my time would be/what I would want to get out of the deal, but I need to figure out my source of wood before I can discuss numbers with her.

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