Turning Archive 2005

Re: Can't have too many salad bowl posts.

Jack Savona
>David, I've probably made 80 to 100 bowls so far, not counting the many partial bowls. Never tried two exactly the same. I did try a pair of Rude Osolnik style olivewood candlestick holders for a friend's 40th anniversary. At that point I decided never to make duplicates, let alone 12!!! Realize that you may spend more time than it would take to individually do 12 separate bowls.

First you need all the same wood and grain pattern. Next you'll probably want the same thickness (hope no catches occur on the final cut or two). But since it seems you have the drive and confidence to undertake a serious challange, may I suggest the option of a non-matched set that truly gives everyone at the table his/her own unique salad bowl. That could offer your friend a most unique "set", ease some potential problems for you, and provide a win-win transaction.

An option???

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