Turning Archive 2005

Re: Can't have too many salad bowl posts.

George Van in WI
>Hi Dave. I also would ask what your customer expects. Is it a set of individual serving dishes or 12 large bowls? I would also consider the capacity of my lathe when suggesting anything.

I have never bought wood so I cannot suggest sources. I rough turn, Anchorseal, and wait. A year later, I have more dry than I will have time to turn.

The last salad bowl I did was yellow birch. I have used maple and cherry also. I have only finished a few bowls at this time.

I use walnut or mineral oil. I should try the wax that Mike suggests, it may leave the wood brighter, and all finishes need to be refreshed after use and repeated washing. I do not like a gloss finish for the same reason Mike suggests.

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