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Jim King
>In response to Kens question about the process we use for our turnings , it is as follows. The process we use is quite simple. The following photos will give a step by step description. I would have liked to have shown the same piece from start to finish but the rough turned and boiled piece in the photos wont be dry for a couple of days as it was boiled yesterday.´ You can be sure I will be posting this blank in a few days when finished as we have just found this species and it is a dead ringer for Macasser Ebony. One of our people borrowed a chain saw from us to chop up a tree that has been laying in his yard for a few years and this is what it was.

Photo 1: Cutting the square blank into somewhat near round for mounting on the lathe.
Photo 2: Rough turning the outside of the blank to an approximate shape desired.
Photo 3: Rough turning the inside of the piece to obtain approximately a ¾ to 1 inch wall thickness.
Photo 4: Boiling the rough turned blanks for 3 to 4 hours and letting them cool over night in the water or they will crack if taken out hot. They do get quite nasty looking from the boiling but it is less than skin deep.
Photo 5: Drying the rough turned blanks in full sun flipping them every hour or so for maximum 3 days until bone dry.
Photo 6: After finishing turning and sanding to 1000 and applying the floor use polyurethane the pieces are wet sanded on the lathe with soap and water with 1000 grit after letting the polyurethane dry for at least a couple of days.
Photo 7: After sanding the pieces are buffed with a car buffing compound on the lathe, very wet or you can burn the finish. Applied and buffed with cotton rags.
Photo 8: Final thing is a coat of car wax or good floor wax and buffed with cotton rags again on the lathe.
The photos on the lathe look as if the lathe is not turning but is was and the camera incredibly caught the piece as if it was standing still.

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