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John K Jordan
>>I would like to play the saw for gratuities
>on a street corner on a regular basis

Do you play the saw?! My dream instrument but one that would get me divorced unless I practiced in the woods. My wife said my poor attempts result in the worst sound she ever heard, unacceptable even for exorcising demons or skunks. I play piano, horn, guitar and have dabbled with cello and other instruments, but the saw has to be the hardest thing I've tried to force notes from.

Here's one I've always wanted to make and play: the steel drum. Years ago I talked to a street muscian in New York who showed me how the thing is layed out in the circle of fifths. I got him to play a Chopin prelude - he said that was the first request he'd ever had for Chopin! I understand this is the noisiest instrument in the world to tune. (tuning is by pounding and stretching the steel with a heavy hammer)

JKJ in East TN

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