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John Lucas
>They aren't using that as a scraper. They are rubbing the bevel so it's really just a high angle cutting tool. Am I wrong in that? You can do the same thing by honing the burr off the tip of your scraper and rubbing the bevel. I tried this after reading an article on the web a bunch of years ago. I didn't see any advantage(at least for me) than using another cutting tool.

The negative rake scraper looks the same but has a burr and is used with the handle higher than the cutting edge. The advantage of the negative rake on a flat scraper is simply not having to raise the handle. the negative rake takes care of the angle.

Stewart Batty's negative rake scraper looks more like a skew laying on it's side. The top has a very long bevel and the bottom is only beveled about 1/8 to 1/4". It's sharpened to a very sharp angle like a skew rather than blunt like the Sorby.

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