Turning Archive 2005


Duane C.Leach
>Scrapers can be very tricky to use. You get a lot of catches with them.
Some time ago I read an article about a new scraper grind, or at least it was new to me. I tryed it and liked it. It has a place in my bag of technices.
I think the easest way for me to discribe it, is to discribe how to shape and sharpen it.Start with a round nose scraper, adjust the platform on the grinder, and shape the bottom of the scraper to about 55 degrees. Re adjust the grinders platform, turn the scraper upside down, and shape the top edge of the scraper to produce a hollow ground surface about 3/16" wide. What angle to set the plat form? I Don't know. I played with the top angle untill the two ground angles formed an angle of about 90 degrees.
Testing it on spinning wood. I started with handle up Like normal scraper use. It worked. I tryed riding the bevel, bring handle up untill it starts to cut. Ribbions flowed off the wood almost like from a gouge, and no catch. It worked even better on edge as a shearing cut.
One can play with the angles to make it what you want. but it is much more user friendly.
I hope this helps some of our newer turners.
Duane Leach

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