Turning Archive 2005

Re: How to reverse chuck a hollow form?

John Lucas

I use two methods. If the neck is fairly tough I take a scrap piece of wood mounted to a faceplate and turn it to fit the neck opening. I make it snug enough to drive the piece. If I'm too concerned about making it this tight then I make it fit without any slop and use blue painters masking tape to "lock" it to the mandrel. Then I put the tailstock in place and turn it with the tailstock there until there is just a little cone left that I can carve off. You may have to adjust the tailcenter to get it centered perfectly before tightening it.

If the bottom is thin I use a cone center without the center pin and just leave a bigger area to carve away.

If the neck is too fragile I make a really long mandrel out of scrap that will fit all the way to the bottom of the vessel. I put 220 grit paper on this and use it to drive the vessel with the tail stock in place.

I had one very small opening vessel that neither of these methods would work so I turned a concave are that would let the shoulders of the vessel sit inside. I turned a small pin in the center to fit my small hole in the vessel and then taped all this together. It took quite a bit more time to do accurately but worked perfectly.

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