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Re: Are the fancy High tech Steel tools brittle?

Doug Trembath
>Since Jerry Glaser's name came up in this regard, I'll share an experience I had with him at his house a couple of years ago. I asked him point blank about the ability to get the V15 steel as sharp as the softer steel, and he demonstrated that this is a common misnomer.

He had a tiny handplane, (I think it was a Stanley #1, by the way,) and was taking shavings you could see through on soft white pine boards. These were like gossamer. Of course as soon as I saw that, I wanted to buy some blades like that, but he explained that he had had this one made up from V15 just to demonstrate that his V15 steel can be sharpened just as sharp as the other steels. Made a believer out of me.

Personally, I use the Norton SG wheel, which can be graded fron 36 grit all the way to what I believe would be about 250. Mike Mahoney showed me that trick long ago. If your grinder is smooth running, and if you have the wheel prepped, you can just dance the edge on the stone and get a really sharp edge, removing a minimal amount of metal. That's my experience. As far as the edge retention, I, like Wallyand others, haven't really been able to notice a vast difference. Maybe I just don't pay as much attention, but I like to keep a fresh edge so I don't have to sand as much.

Doug Trembath
Studio in the Woods

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