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Vacuum and the Nova 3000 ()

Walter Ahlgrim
>Just a few things you should think about.

1 The Teknatool vacuum adaptor is designed for use with a low pressure high volume vacuum cleaner. So get a big pump (6 CFM) to over come the leaks.

2 Only cut the PVC with scraping tools, gouges will cache. Once the tip of the scraper and the plastic gets warm you will get a very poor surface, I just change tools and or take 5 minuet breaks.

3 Donít buy just the PVC fittings you need some pipe to glue inside the fittings to beef up the rims. This will give you some play if the PVC is not glued perfectly on center

4 I like polyurethane belting for the end seal it will not leave black marks on your work.

5 My oil bath pump put a fine mist if oil in the air. Also you must change the oil from time to time, as the oil absorbs water from the air that may damage the pump over time.

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