Turning Archive 2005

Re: Vacuum and the Nova 3000

Barry Irby
>Jorge, I apologize, I just searched my computer and I can not find the article. I believe it was in a .pdf format (Adobe Acrobat) and was long and well done. I don't know how I came across it to begin with, but I might have gotten it from a Google search. I searched my files under the word VACUUM, so if it did not have that in the name It would not show up, Then I tried searching all the PDF files and there were hundreds, but I saw nothing that rang a bell. Of course if it had a name like a list of nonsense letters, who knows. Maybe someone better organized than me (that would be everyone here) may be able to point us back to it. I had assumed I could find it and that it was stored here somewhere, but no luck.

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