Turning Archive 2005

Re: Vacuum and the Nova 3000

John Lucas

I have 3 that I use most often. One is 6"PVC and is about 4" deep. This one is used 80 percent of the time. I made a wooden one that is 8" long and 4" around. It is used mostly for small Natural edge bowls. Evaluate how deep your bowls are and make them deep enough so they clear the headstock.

My last one that I use on occasions is flat with the flat foam truck bed liner covering it. This one is used for platters and such.

I have a wooden chuck that is around 6" in diameter. It has the flat stuff wrapped in pieces over the lip. I did this for bowls that need to have the vacuum seal on the outer perimeter or inner perimeter instead of on the lip. This doesn't happen often but sometimes I make things that just don't fit your standard bowl format.

That's the greatest thing about vacuum chucks. No matter what the shape you can quickly build a chuck to fit. I usually use lacquer to seal the wood but when I needed one quick I used Duck tape. Worked great and my redneck tensions were relieved.

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