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Get some flat rate Priority Mail boxes. *LINK*
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Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>Hi Barry,

I sell some wood from time to time and I wouldn't expect to get rich doing it. If you figure out how much firewood goes for in your area then calculate the time you spend processing the wood beyond firewood stage you will find that there isn't much profit margin. Also consider that people think you got it for free so you should basically should give it away.

That said if you want to try selling wood get some flat rate boxes from USPS($7.70 up to 70#) and cut blanks to fit the box FRB1. That will make a blank about 8" wide, 10.5" long and 5" thick. I like to cut green wood about 2" longer than wide to allow for possible cracking in the end grain so these boxes are made to order. You can order 25 boxes from USPS on line and they will deliver them free to your door. Buyers like to know they will not be paying more for shipping than they do for the wood.

Dave Smith

I smell bacon frying, I wonder who she is and what she did with my wife in Longview, WA.

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