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Re: OT: Like to listen to radio in the shop?

Matt Prusik

FWIW, I like to listen to the BBC all the time and while in the shop. I also have a cable connection on the computer, and a few portable shortwave sets.

The problem was how to coordinate the timing of the shows on the BBC to when I wanted to listen in the shop.

So when surfing around, I came across a site www.ccrane.com and found a short range, FM transmitter for ~$60.00 when I bought mine six months ago. This unit sends streaming audio from your computer to your home stereo. It also broadcasts a wireless signal from your XM radio to any FM receiver in your home. And will transfer a wireless signal from an MP3 player to your car stereo or portable radio.

I only use it for the first function. But it works great and I am very happy to be able to take advantage of the live feed of the BBC any time of day or night on any receiver in the house.

Now all I need is XM for the car, and I'm set!

Best of luck.

Matt Prusik

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