Turning Archive 2005

OT: Like to listen to radio in the shop? *LINK*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Me, too, but the radio talk programs I want to listen to don't conform to my shop time, schedule wise.

I've been looking for a device that would record radio programs and allow me to play them back on demand, and found one. The product is called RadioShark and is linked below. It consists of basically a USB connected antenna and some software, and works absolutely great. It is basically TIVO for radio. It also picks up stations in the same room that a regular old radio wouldn't.

Don't have a PC in the shop? Neither do I, but a pair of wireless speakers lets you take your taped broadcasts anywhere in the house you wish. This is going to work out really well for me. Thought it might for you, too. You can find good wireless speakers at Compusa/Bestbuy/Amazon.com/Target, etc..

I found Amazon to be cheapest ($55), even with included shipping charges, of anywhere it was sold.

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