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I don't know where mine came from.
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>My mother and father niether one put off anything. If my dad had anything needing doing, he was hell bent to get it done, NOW.

And after thinking about it a while, the male contractor and female toilet pilot were first cousins. He about 20 years older than her. Their mothers were sisters...... Hey! maybe that's where it came from, my grandmother was also a sister to their mothers...... nope, that whole family was workaholics and it went way back.

My great granddaddy would get all of them up a 3 am to start the day. They'd feed up, cook, everything before daylight and be standing in the edge of the field waiting for the sun to come up so they could start farming cotton. They would however take a 2 to 3 hour break mid day to rest the mules before going back and working 'til dark. But kids were a different story, I've heard them say he'd tell the kids after lunch, "Get your hoe and we'll work the garden while we're resting".

I guess that work gene just finally wore out before it got down to me.... or maybe I'm just a mutant.....LOL

Basil .......... who has worked some long hard hours when he had too.

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