Turning Archive 2005

Re: Well if you put it that way

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I'm not sure what a "run of the mill gast pump is" but I suspect that is exactly what I have. The answer is "you bet!". I can consistenly pull 25" of Hg with mine, and you can definitely implode a bowl or hollow form with 3/16" walls. Surely not every time, but it can happen. When I start to approach that dimension, I almost always can see a deflection from the vac.

You can also notice that a bowl that has been sanded creates a better vac than one that has not, the finer grit you go, the better the vac, too. That is a fact worth remembering, because if you finish off the bottom using your vac and then you start to sand the exterior of your bowl, the vacuum will get stronger and stronger as you go. If you put a sealer on - even more so. I don't normally apply a finish with the vac on because it pulls it through the surface, and can pull bubbles into one if you finish the interior first and then put it on the vac.

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