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Re: Well if you put it that way

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Just like Mark and John, I keep the stock in place as long as possible, too. I have "levered" a piece or two off due to forgetting that light cuts were needed, and the tailstock would have prevented it. I now use it exactly as Mark does, with one exception.

I leave the vacuum on the whole time for 2 reasons. I don't apply any pressure with the tailstock, just use it to keep the thing in place in case of a catch or a heavy mistaken cut that might lift it off otherwise.

1. so it doesn't slip off center even a scooch
2. because if I suddenly turn on the vac when I'm all but done the center nub, if the bottom is a thin one, you can watch the bottom of the bowl you just finished being sucked in due to it being thin. It won't necessarily break, but if the vac is on the whole time I can watch the progress and I get a good idea of how thin the bottom is getting by the deflection due to vacuum. I don't like to adjust the vac once the workpiece is seated, but that could be done as an alternative.

I'm no pro, this is just what I do.

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