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John Lucas

I use a bunch of different methods for glue blocks depending on the what I need. Most often I use CA glue. If you use accelorator it makes a joint that is fragile to impact. I put the tip of the chisel on the joint and hit is sharply. I'm not trying to pry the joint apart just cause enough impact to break the joint. Most of the time it will break at the glue line. If you don't use accelorator it will usually break the wood.

I use a paper joint on occasions where I can't take any chance of tearing the wood.

I use yellow glue if I have plenty of time and intend to turn the glue block away. Yellow glue is a lot cheaper than CA.

To glue blocks on wet wood I use Gorilla glue.

Sometimes I use 5 minute epoxy but it's kind of expensive also so unless I need to turn something right then I use one of the other methods.

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