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Barry Irby
>John, the stuff I learn here is amazing. A couple of questions. You remove the glue blocks with a chisel? Do you just set the chisel on the glue line and tap it? Does the glue line break cleanly for you? Or do you split the glue block and then clean up the residue of wood and glue? Either way, do you pay attention to the grain of the wood, either the platter or the block?

I have Cole jaws for my chuck and they are smaller than the swing of the lathe, even fully extended so I made a set of hooks for them. Used inch wide flat steel strap and bent a hook on the end of each of eight. Set them in a jig on the drill press and put a hole in each. Dipped the hooked end in rubber for coating tool handles. Now they expand the jaws to match the swing of the lathe. (less clearance) They work much better than the rubber bumpers that came with the jaws.

I would have never thought to try blue tape to hold a platter in a jamb chuck. Do you also press it in with the tail stock? Seems it would work for sanding but the first cut would rip it right out.

And back to the original question, get smaller face plates, I have a Nova DVR and use 3" and 4" face plates for nearly everything.

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